About our Chapter

Lake Sammamish chapter is a vibrant group of more than 280 members with a wide array of interests and backgrounds.  We share a common interest in furthering the NCL mission to:

  • strengthen the mother-daughter bond
  • encourage community service and social awareness
  • enhance leadership skills


At our core is community service.

Lake Sammamish chapter partners with 25 philanthropic organizations to provide more than 4,600 hours of hands-on service annually. Members have the opportunity to work together as mother-daughter teams, as well as working with peers on grade-level philanthropy projects.

A variety of volunteer opportunities, including providing companionship to seniors, feeding those in need, and helping those with physical and intellectual disabilities – all allow members to make meaningful community connections through their service.




One of our main aspirations of NCL is friendship.

Member meetings provide mothers and daughters an opportunity to discover more about themselves and their community while building new friendships.

Patronesses enjoy coming together at chapter-wide meetings, as well as connecting on a smaller scale at grade-level gatherings.

Ticktockers can get to know one another at grade-level meetings and class grant projects.  Each ticktocker can hold a volunteer or elected leadership position in their class, providing a way for members to learn, grow, and shine – all while making new friends.